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Polar enables innovative advertising solutions for media publishers and platforms. 

How does Polar work
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Over 150 media publishers and platforms in 20+ countries partner with Polar

News Corp accelerates digital revenue growth with Polar

1,500 advertisers have activated over 1 billion ad impressions for Polar’s Social Display and Video with News Corp Australia in the past year alone.

“Social Display is a proven and successful way to place social media ads in highly trusted online environments. The result for clients is higher brand awareness, higher advertising recall and improved cost effectiveness.”

Paul Blackburn, GM, Digital Revenue

Introducing Polar Stories

Polar launches Stories, giving publishers and advertisers the tools to run short-form, engaging narrative units across the open Web.

Publishers globally generate $100M with Polar

Social Display and Video drive strong growth in direct-sold revenues, helping publishers increase the value of their inventory on-site and in-app.

Social Display and Video

Publishers offer Social Display and Video as a direct-sold ad product that enables their advertiser clients to easily repurpose social creative built for walled gardens like Facebook and Instagram to run on trusted websites.

Why Polar Works

Why use advertising solutions with Polar
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Eliminate production overhead and easily repurpose a brand’s existing creative assets from social or the web.


Go beyond standard banners with beautiful, high-impact ad experiences that are already trusted by users.


Enjoy results that matter most for brands up-and-down the marketing funnel with delivery-centric designs.

Programmatic Solutions for brands and agencies

Nova is Polar's buy-side brand that brings its proven advertising solutions to brands and agencies

Research and insights on the future of advertising

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The state of digital media - 2021

Industry trends to watch in 2021, global ad spend forecasts and insights into the future of work. 

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Facebook takes over the world

Facebook will soon become the largest advertising company in the world, even larger than Google. 

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Advertising creative during a crisis

We are not only witness to, but all active participants now in an ocean of crises. 

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The future of work

Now is the ideal moment to experiment with how culture is built, how clients are serviced and how businesses are scaled.

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