Case study

Hot sauce brand makes the right impression using Social Display and Video with Polar.

hot sauce in a dish


Increase in viewability compared to walled gardens

chicken wings with hot sauce on them


Hot sauce is not often associated with healthy eating. Knowing this, the brand knew they needed to do more to achieve their goals and make the right impression with their customers.


The brand uses Social Display and Video with Polar to promote creatives that helped customers connect hot sauce to healthy eating, by showcasing them with videos, images and copies of a diverse range of foods popular with their products.

hot sauce bottles lined up


The brand saw 12 seconds of average attention time compared to only 4 seconds for the same creative in the walled gardens. The average viewability on the open web was 77% compared to only 25% on social feeds.


Increase in viewability vs Facebook


Increase in attention time vs Facebook

Formats used

Creative source: Facebook

Creative format: Video (6 seconds)

hot sauce in a dish

"While Facebook was good for reach, Social Display and Video with Polar on the open web was 3x better for viewability and attention. Those are the results that matter for the client."

- Agency Strategist

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