Case study

Global energy brand scales creative volume using Social Display and Video with Polar.


Unique creatives in 6 months


This global energy brand was interested in finding a way to increase their ad creatives in a simple yet effective way.


Thanks to Polar's ease of use, the brand was able to grow their creatives and have an always-on strategy with Polar.


The brand activated 115 unique creatives and gained 150 million ad impressions in 6 months using Social Display with Polar.


Unique creatives


Ad impressions

Formats used

Creative source: Facebook

Creative format: Link, Photo, Video

"We love how easy it is with Social Display to increase the variety and volume of creatives that we can now activate on the open web. In six months, our team activated 115 unique creatives"

Over 150 media publishers and platforms in 20+ countries partner with Polar