Case study

Consumer electronic brand increases brand engagement using Social Display and Video with Polar.

gaming controller in hands


Increase in website visits compared to standard display

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This consumer electronic brand wanted to increase brand engagement among its target audience.


This brand used Social Display and Video with Polar and repurposed their already existing social creatives instead of using standard display creatives. Polar's familiar format and increased size led to increase website clicks and social interactions.

people playing video games


The brand saw a 55% increase in intent to purchase the product, a 77% increase in interactions on social media, and a 33% increase in website visits compared to standard display.


Increase in action intent


Increase in social interactions


Increase in website visits

Formats used

Creative source: Twitter

Creative format: Post

person sitting on floor playing video games

"Social Display led to our customers being more engaged with our brand than what we've ever been able to achieve with typical banner ads"

Over 150 media publishers and platforms in 20+ countries partner with Polar