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Entertainment brands who activate Social Display with Polar include Amazon Prime, CBC, Audible, Cosmopolitan, ELLE, HBO, Netflix, Paramount, TSN, UFC, Warner Brothers, and Walt Disney.


Social Display formats

Social Display with Polar enables the best creative from social to be distributed programmatically at scale in any standard display supply, within minutes. 

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How Polar works

1. Select social creative

Repurpose social creative designed for any platform

Popular social creative formats

  • Video

  • Photo

  • Carousel 

  • Website

2. Generate Polar ad tag

Build in minutes

Polar's self-serve UI

  • Easily upload social post

  • Add destination URL

  • Add third party trackers

3. Scale programmatically

Activate with any DSP or SSP​

Scale on the open web

  • Open exchange, PMP, PD, PG

  • Mobile web, app and desktop

  • 300x250 and 300x600 sizes

The most effective creative in every channel

Entertainment brands that activate Social Display with Polar

Why Social Display

Results that matter

Enable programmatic display to work harder

Frictionless creative

Improve display creative without the added costs

Channel diversification

Reduce the dependency on Facebook

Case study

Improving performance

Film company increased movie ticket purchase intent using Social Display with Polar. By using Social Display with Polar, this film company was able to increase sales intent, awareness of the movie, and likelihood of customers to talk about the movie with family and friends.




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In-view time

Build bridges, not walls