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Polar enables innovative advertising solutions for media publishers and platforms.


Bloomberg, Conde Nast, Le Monde, NBC, News Corp, Singapore Press Holdings, The Telegraph, Unruly and USA TODAY are some of the 150 media publishers and platforms in 20+ countries that use Polar. Publishers generated over $100 million in direct-sold digital advertising revenue in the past year using Polar’s innovative advertising solutions.


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Kunal Gupta

Founder & CEO

Kunal is the Founder & CEO of Polar, a creative advertising software business that partners with trusted publishers around the world. In 2021, Polar launched Nova, a new brand focused on bringing Polar’s proven advertising solutions to brands and agencies.

Kunal advises several mental health organizations, teaches meditation and yoga, and writes regularly about leadership, culture and mindfulness on his blog.

Connect with Kunal on LinkedIn.

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