Case study

Global finance brand drives incremental reach and quality engagement through Social Display and Video with Polar.


Unique reach


To enhance performance and build greater brand equity, this brand was looking for an innovative solution to complement their existing social strategy, drive incremental reach beyond social platforms, and increase consumer engagement and interest.


With greater scale and 2x more cost efficient CPMs, the brand was able to extend their reach to more than 320,000 new consumers. In additional, they were able to drive qualified prospects to the brand's site, improving the overall landing rate by 12x.


The brand reached 320,000 new consumers and saw a 12x increase in landing rate.


New consumers reached


Increase in landing rate

Formats used

Creative source: Facebook, LinkedIn

Creative format: Link

"Social Display and Video enabled us to find new customers outside of the walled gardens at efficient rates which ultimately led to strong post click engagement"

Over 150 media publishers and platforms in 20+ countries partner with Polar